Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Vote for the 2009 Bloggers’ Choice Award

My Vote for the 2009 Bloggers’ Choice Award (National):

Bloggers’ Choice Award
2009 Philippine Blog Awards

Ibonoto ko sya dahil:

1. kausap ko sya ngayon

2. para hindi na sya EMO

3. astig ang posts

4. makatotohanan ang mga akda

5. one of a kind BLOG!

Oh sya mga katoto bumoto na kayo! tayo ang gagawa sa katuparan ng pangrap ng kuya ko


Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Well I can tell you, it’s a living nightmare
it pains and it hurts
no other emotion can be so severe
you shook dreams from your fingers
I felt them falling into my hair
If life was a dream
I would have lived it to the extreme
In my dream we were together
Tight in each others arm forever
Standing under the moonlight
Like two lovers all night
I thought i would melt
When our gaze held
When you leaned over
My thoughts wondered
You said the three magical words
Which changed my whole world
Your kiss was so soft and gentle
That it made my knees tremble
You tightened your arms
Protecting me from all the harms
falling like vines down my back
and i wanted to breathe was your life
you smiled and the world faded away
and we were in a forest
with wildflowers growing everywhere
this is our love
yes, this is our love
wild and free though bewildered
like the thoughts stuck inside my head
you were there
waiting for me
to make a decision, to make a choice
and i'm sorry it took so long
to see what i wanted
it was you all along

Sunday, August 23, 2009


What truly moves us most?
For our body is a shell, a temporary host
for isn't happiness and bliss
Unleashed by true love's passionate kiss?
You led my life like my neck was on a string.
Knowing for you I would do most anything
but you destroyed my heart like a flower
laid dying in the midday sun; withered and torn
but all that was returned was just ashes of paper burned
I yearn for your touch and my ears crave the sound of your sweet tune.
I see you standing across from me but I try not to look your way.
For if I dare to look into your beautiful eyes
I fear that my tender heart will perish, never to be heard ever again.
Does my love will move me on?
Or is my desire to live a con?
Do i wish to truly die?
I think that LOVE is just a lie -
Is LOVE just a test for me to learn?
To live through my mistakes and slowly turn
towards a happy and content life
yet, I still have pain and strife?
I cannot believe in loss, nor will I ever fail
Even if my life is shallow, even if my love turns stale
I just cannot bare to think
That madness and death is on the brink
I will always believe in hope
I promise myself to adapt and to cope
For even though I am just a man
I will always do the very best I can
But how can I presume anything? It is a dream
That inspires me. Could this ascend beyond
Mere troubled waters on a stagnant pond?
Silence whispers in still darkness unseen.
my oblivious soul is the one to be to redeemed.
Long ago our love with passion dawned;
Redemption seems but vain imagination;
And yet, my soul longs for faded memories.
I call out your name across endless seas.
Lord of hope; of miracles, heal the deception.
You promise to repair all that was broken
And to return all the love that was taken
Days turn into weeks, weeks into months.
My heart becomes stronger
until I no longer dread the upon coming of the dawn.
I suppose that I really should thank you
You may have broken my heart, but you taught
me something I value far greater than
you taught me INDEPENDENCE.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Dont Ever Try

Don’t ever try to understand everything
Some things will just never make sense

Don’t ever be reluctant to show what you feel
When you are happy give in to it
When you are not, live with it

Don’t ever be afraid to make things better
You might just be surprised at the result

Don’t ever be threatened by the future
Take life one day at a time

Don’t ever take the weight if the world in your shoulder
You are a powerful person, but the world is too much

Don’t ever feel that you are alone
There is always somebody to reach out to

Don’t ever be guilty about the past
What’s done is done. Just LEARN from any mistakes you might have made

Don’t ever forget that you can achieve so many things you can imagine
It’s not as hard as they may always seem

Don’t ever stop dreaming your dream
Don’t ever stop believing
Don’t ever stop loving
If you love someone never hesitate to show what you feel, just follow your heart. Never waste your time, never quit nor doubt, never waste your time nor fear,
Never stop but never expect something in return
Don’t be afraid to become stupid. Just love. Be real.
You might get hurt but that doesn’t mean that you have to give up.
Just live your life, live it the way you want.
Stay alive to love and always stay in-love to live and be happy.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Alas! I can now post something that is reasonable enough to be posted (I guess so. ). I have some flaws on writing nowadays because my course didn’t even seem to cooperate.


Just this week, we are pressured to do an individual and by-group case study and 5 Nursing Care Plan. We are pressured to review notes and to read notes ahead of time because we are beating deadlines.

I am not a leader of my group but I had taken responsibilities for them. I don’t want any of my group mates to be criticized like we are the foolest of the fool by our self-proclaimed “seemingly perfect” professors. And so to work as a group, we decided to have our first group overnight so that we can discuss things easily and to have every resources needed at hand. But the supposed to be overnight turned into a sleep-over but at the brighter side we did finish a bit! Ha-ha!

Ruining my own body clock brought some positive outcomes because while working at my case study I was awake until the wee hours of the morning for 2 DAYS. I don’t know if it is positive to stay up late but what matters to me is that I know that I can stay up late!


For Pete’s sake, of course I need to have some rest and so I watched movies until I finished them not minding about my Case Study. ☺ I had watched GOAL which is about a Mexican footballer who didn’t give up in reaching his dreams; BROTHER’S GRIMM which is a fiction and is about the two brothers who create problems then eventually solve them but they have to be paid in return and lastly; LEGEND OF THE FALL which is able to touch the sleeping bear deep within my heart. And I do recommend you to watch this one. He-he


Since last week, my duty to hospital had begun. For now I am currently in OB ward and I have to stay there from 10pm until 6am and so what would you expect in about working in the hospital during this time. I know that my sixth sense, although not totally open, is a bit sensitive. During my shift, I could feel and experience some spooky things like seeing a girl at the end of the hallway and after a split second she’s gone, hearing heavy knocks from inside of a room which is pad locked, hearing footsteps as I walk alone in the corridors, blinking of the lights like those in the horror movies and having Goosebumps as I passed by in a particular area which I don’t know why.


This is hilarious, I guess so. Late this afternoon my mom and I went to a supermarket to buy linoleum. We went inside this shop. My mom started choosing the designs though the final decision was at my hand. When my mom was about to pay for the bill, a girl asked her of we are CHINESE and my mom said no then the girl asked again if I could speak or at least understand FILIPINO. I was suppressing to laugh until I went out of the shop. The same event I could remember was when I was in MALAYSIA. This guy approached me and started talking and talking something which I don’t know if it is CHINESE, MALAY or whatsoever. “Are you nuts?” I said at the back of my mind because he didn’t even allow me to speak for myself and so I let him finished his non-stop talking and when he was done “Pardon me sir! Hindi kita naintindihan” was all that I said and then I walked out of his sight! *wink*


If only I could curse and if only my words are powerful enough, I had already cursed GLOBE. DARN it! We didn’t have internet for like a week and when it was fixed and reconnected, after 3 days it was ruined again. DANG!


I wasn’t able to celebrate my second monthsary in blogosphere. It really doesn’t matter to me if many is visiting my blog, all I wanted is to write because this is my passion and at least it would prove that at some point I lived.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


The best thing that had ever happened to me
Was the moment I met you
Its indescribable how I feel
But I know that this is true
I can share with you the feelings
I encounter everyday
I can tell you all my woes
and you never seem to stray
You always stand by my side
though I may not understand why
You are my shining star
you’re the light that brighten my sky
Ever since I met you
I’ve loved you from the start
You gave me all your love
and I gave you all my heart
When you hold me in your arms
I feel so warm and content
I love how your brown eyes shine
and even that lingering scent
It’s been a month since I met you
and you’re still a perfect work of art
You keep giving me all your love
and I keep giving you all my heart
You can always make me laugh
even when I am sad and down
And with just a flash of your smile,
it is impossible for me to frown
Finally, this could be a real love that I have been searching for
One that I am willing to fight for
and one that is willing to fight for me
We may argue about silly things
we may dislike each others at times
But at the end of they day
all that we ever wanted is each other
I long for your touch
I dream for your kiss
and I yearn for your arms
We may not have the world but we have each other
You are my rock, my heart and my soul
This is an unbreakable LOVE and to me it is perfect